Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Its been so long

I can not get over how long its been since my last post.....Well let me tell you that I have been busy, huh busy been preggy. Jada has achived to totally drive me insane, not to sure if that was the reason I decided to have children haha.

Jada has fallen down our spiral staircase this time, almost all the way up and as I turned around she fell straight back, a mothers worst nightmare, I dont wish it on anyone, but she was fine, oh she cried alot and wont go up the strair unless we carry her, but she was fine.....ME on the other was not, we have it blocked off but when we go up there we can not lock it behind us, and thats what happened, but we are very thankful she is ok and we all have learnt a very important lesson...Children and Stairs dont mix.

The baby's room is coming along, no still no hints Anita, but we have been busy getting it ready, somethings in life are just so cute and fluffy and adorable, but thats the fun of having babies, then they reach 18months and its all over, and the only time your heart melts is when they skin the knee and call for mummy or they are asleep with thumb in mouth cuddling teddy and you think what was all the fuss about butter wouldnt melt in their mouth.

Done a little cooking this week, including some absolutley unreal Thyme and Fennel bread, I got the recipe from a friend Emma, made some kfc and then we were totally grossed out by a tummy full of grease, but the good thing about that is you always know you get a huge craving for ALOT of vegies.

I went and had our monthly mum's dinner the other day, it was so relaxing, hence to say I didnt have Jada, this one was a mexican lunch and yummy, I think that I will have mine after the baby is born, at this stage its going to be an Indian dinner, curries, saffon rice, and lots of hot spices ... my mouth is watering already.

Well I am in the middle of making things for the new etsy shop, I was going to go with the one thing but decided that I am just having way to much fun with these creations, all will be revealed soon.

Better get back to the mummy chores

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Kate said...

That bread sounds great! So does the Indian dinner - I love Indian!
I hope you have a quiet non stressful week.