Saturday, May 12, 2007

26 Days to go

and dont you think that Im excited... 26 days left of this pregnancy..this one is very different to the first one, Im more uncomfortable, every five minutes it feels like I am going into labour (or is that normal) it will be all over soon anyway and things will be back to normal, well my body anyway.

I have been crafting a little lately, I made some Yo-Yos that I will join to bands for Jada's hair

I also have crocheted some Mary Jane slippers for myself, you would just have to excuse to swollen preggy feet, I also made some slip slop's for myself, I have cut out a few things for Jada, that I am slowly getting around to doing, I will also attempt to make a beanie for Jada, and booties and a bonnet for the new arrival.
Tomorrow is Mummy's day and Im off to bed now so I can wake up to pancakes and coffee in bed.

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Kate said...

Great slippers! I am so impressed by your crocheting ability. Love the yoyos, they will look so cute in Jada's hair - great idea!