Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Busy Week

Well we went to Perth had an appoiontment with the midwife (wont go there), did a little shopping, and sat back while the grandparents enjoyed their delightful grandaughter, who on Sunday wanted to help Mummy and Daddy in the garden, and that was all so good until she fell down a flight of stairs, all I could was scream, I was on the top level and Chris was on the bottom level, we made it to her in seconds, but all I could think was she has broken her neck, its the most terrifying thing anyone can ever go through, it was all in slow motion, and I am still thinking about it, BUT as kids will be kids she is ok, a scratch on her shoulder bruise on her face, and a few scratchers here and there, I really dont know what i would have done if Chris was not here, I went to pieces, my baby was hurt.
The day before we went to Kate's twins birthday party, that was different but funny watching 20 little people full of sugar running around going crazy...Wiggles...ARRRGGG....No really it was good.
Well I am going to make a start on my Fairy Duck, and if thats got you wondering HUH Fairy Duck ?? then go and have a little look at Emma's blog


Amanda said...

Gosh thats awful! I'm sorry to hear about that, I can imagine that I'd be exactly the same if that happened to Kezi! Glad your little one is ok though.

littlebuck0 said...

Hi there....sorry about that...my blog is http://littlebuck.blogspot.com/