Monday, March 12, 2007

Some yummy food

Over the past few days I've has been some yummy food, I went to a mum's Italian lunch yesterday, we started off with some of Kate's sorbet, OMG that was nice, and by the end of the mains I didnt really know if I was going to fit in all the delicious deserts, but I did (Just).

The night before that I made a perfect pavalover well it tasted perfect, not so much for the presentation of it though.

So tomorrow I am going to make Homemade Tomato Sauce ,as we were growing up we had lots of this in the cupboard, and the tomatoes came right from dads garden, as many of the vegies did.


fairyduck said...

You have done such a great job Amannda. Well done. It looks great and I have a few birthdays coming up so I will be able to purchase some lovely little things.

Tina said...

Looks beautiful! Makes me hungry.