Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolution

Is to finish all the things that I started last year, and also some of the things that I really wanted to do but never got around to doing.

1. Change Jada's diet ( trying to eliminate some of the additives that may cause bad behaviour)

2. To make Jada some skirts, there are some cute little patterns around, every little miss needs girly skirt, these will be three that I will be making for her, here, here, and here

3. I brought this little guy awhile ago and I will make him up for Braydon

4. I plan to make a upside down plum cake I have made it before and its very sweet but well worth it

5. I have some birthdays coming up so there will be some things made there and also I have some friends that are having babies and I can not resist to give a baby gift that is handmade

6. Make some of mums homemade tomato relish and strawberry jam

I will leave it there and post as I finish one by one.


Kate said...

Good resolutions - love that racoon - very cute!

aquaasho said...

Good luck Amanda with the New Resolutions!

Amanda said...

Hi! How are you guys going down there? Just thought I'd pop by to see. I'm around 30 weeks now and veeeerrry uncomfortable!