Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ribbon Hanger

Now you don't have to stuff your ribbons in bags or boxes anymore, they get all crinkles and then you spend half your time getting all the creases out., it is very practical and easy to take with you on crops.

Here is my tutorial on a great ribbon hanger

Cut a 12x12 piece of chipboard into 9 pieces of 4"x4"
I have used about 30 you can use more or less though.
Then down the bottom cut a 3" long slot, coming in from the
sides half an inch and then measure half an inch from the bottom

Then paint each one all the different colours, I have even
painted one in Christmas colours for my Christmas
ribbons. This is up to your imagination how many colours
you would like, I did for example 2 pinks because I have a
lot of that colour ribbon. I also painted both sides
Then paint each one all the different colours, I have even
once you have painted all of them, get your croc-o-dile
punch a hole right in the middle of all of them
you will need a large clip ring to attach them all to
Now for the fun part!!
Attach all your ribbons and watch it come

Now I don't have my ribbons stuffed in the little bags
anymore in the cupboard, where I can not see them
and they also don't get any crinkles. I am yet to add many more
ribbons to this as I keep finding more bags of ribbons

This is half of ribbons, I have not put all of them on, I keep finding bags of ribbon and have brought lots in the last week as well, so what you see here I would have three times the amount more to go on, and it will fit.
When taking it with you to crops or wherever, just grab a plastic bag and put all the ribbons in it and then tie the handles to the clip ring and your good to go.

Another thing to remember to when threading your ribbons on don't pull hard because the chipboard will break with some thicker ribbons.

A very quick one of these ribbon hangers is also get a coat hanger and do the same. I like this one though because I have colour coded it.

This is also very handy for sewers.

Any questions please message me.


Gill - That British Woman said...

that is such a neat idea and so simple. Thanks for popping by my blog, I appreciate that.

Gill in Canada

Karen said...

I store my ribbon in a simlar way love it so easy to see all the little bits of ribbon you have

Debeez Designs said...

A great idea Amanda..when i can find the time this is one thing for me to remember - I have mine colour coded into small bags then into a larger one. LOL

Lisa said...

Thanks for the nice tutorial... What a fantastic idea!

Dr Sonia S V said...