Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Advent Calendar

Happy New Year to Everyone.

I hope your all looking forward to 2011, I know I am. 4 years ago I started this blog, and I just classed it of more of an online diary, a place that I could sneak away to post up my things that I had made. I never used to tell anyone of my blog, as I was never thought that anyone would want to look at my things that I made. I now have 61 followers. I never came online to show off, because that is just not me, I have never really thought that any of what I have made has been any good. It has came as such a shock when people have complimented me on my work, I have even sold my things online, this has been a really big wow factor for me, I have been to fairs as well.

So thank you for everyone who follows me, who gives me the courage to continue making the things that I love that I never thought that was any good. I love each and every one of you for this, some of you are my best and closest friends and some of you I have never met in my life, but I truly appreciate it.

Here is my Dusty Attic Advent Calendar

Thank you again

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