Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mashed Potato and a little memorabilia

Yummm mashed potato, I would have to be the greatest fan of mashed potato, unfortunately my bottom has a whole different view on the matter

Yum recipe

I am always looking for tutorials, from sewing to crocheting, all sorts of things, so I thought that I would start sharing my finds, and I might even throw in a recipe or two.

Here are some burp cloths that I have been making, my little boy is always in need of them.

I would also like to share my husbands love, fire trucks and fire fighting memorabilia

This one is the old Dardanup fire truck with a slip on unit on the back (I think), this is in the proceed of getting restored

and the bedford better know to us as the beddy

and this is Daddy's pride and joy, the most precious piece of all, Bray sitting in a very old helmet.

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Kate said...

Those burp cloths are so cute! (so is Bray in that helmut).