Wednesday, November 28, 2007


How lucky are we when are kids grow up and nothing bad has happened to them, in some sad cases bad things happens. I was reading a true story from a magazine the other day and by the end of it I was crying. It started out Teachers sex slave, a 12 year old girl needed to have after school lessons to improve her drama grades, and her parents supported the idea, (like any parent would want for their child, to improve their educatation) but as the leesons went on, the teacher made himself more and more comfortable with this 12 year old little girl, and then demanded that he give her a naked massage, on her 13th birthday he took pictures of the naked girl and forced himself inside her, she did protest and beg for him to stop but he didnt. This poor girl was so scared she couldnt tell her parents, my heart melted at this stage and thought what happened if that was my daughter and she could not tell me, well it wasnt until another girl had told the police what had happened to her that he forced this girl in the car and 12 hours later he set up a tent, and for two days in a tent he had his way with her, she got hold of his mobile and rang her mum and still to scared to say anything she said mum Im ok Im with (the teacher) and then hung up, the next day the police tracked the call and he was arrested not only for the rape of the other girl but what he did to her, when she got her medical done they told her she was 5 months pregnant ( keep in mind she was 13) and being a devoted christian abortion was off the list, I can not even start to imagine what her poor parents were going through, it said in the magazine that they blamed themselves for what had happened to their little girl. This story was hard to tell thats why it was in brief description, I know if we worried about every little thing that could or might happen to us or our children we would be a mess, but reading things like this really makes you think twice.

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