Monday, October 8, 2007

So many things

Well Im sorry for being away for so long, but I have got a little 2 year old that is throwing huge HUGE tantrums, and a baby boy that wont stop screaming. But on a better note we have done a few nice things in these past weeks. My cousin has a holiday park down in Yallingup, we went and stayed there a night, and we all had a blast, then we went off to do some touring. We called into Sunflowers animal park, it was very relaxing and fun to see Jada's reaction with the animals, hands on hips and the look on her face was priceless.

and then there was the Donkey, who insisted on begging us for food (I smile for food),

This was just a interesting gardening man, so we got a pic.

Then we went off to the reptile park, I wont show you the pics of the snake around our necks, because some people just dont like them, and I do understand that, I really dont mind them, they do feel a bit unusual. But we do have a nice photo of the frogs,

We also visited the Chocolate Company just outside of Margaret River, Miss J loved the samples. we did a lot more things but I wont bore you with anymore.

I have been working on a few blankets, one made from Granny Squares, that is going to look unreal spread across our bed when finished, colours are brown and cream. The others are baby blankets, I made my friend Amanda one for her little boy and gave it to her when she was in hospital just after having him. I will post photos of things that I have made soon.

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