Sunday, March 4, 2007

Is that your child

Yesterday Chris took me to Bunbury for the day, I had to get some supplies and some well needed clothes for Jada and myself, while i spotted the rack that had SALES on it and headed over to it, OH Jada had other ideas she decided to scream Target down, it wasnt one of those little screams they can do, but a really really REALLY big one and it lasted for a very long time, I just put my head down on the rack and a lady came up to me and said haha is that your child sreaming from the other side of the shop, I must have had it wrote all over my face.

I made some more items with my Swarovski Pearls, a Necklace and Earring Set, Just a divine set, and now im onto the Lampwork Necklace that I have almost finished, I have just looked at this Necklace and thought this is why I love to create, it would have to be one of the prettiest things that i have made, all these items can be found in My Shop


Kate said...

We went to Bunbury too - the girls had screaming fits in Target too - had to leave and Chris had to drive them around in the car while I was in Spotlight - didn't even manage to have lunch.

Leslie said...

Stopping by for the party!
Your daughter is adorable!