Monday, February 26, 2007

I have been reading a book called My Story, By Dave Pelzer, the picture here is I think part one, but I have been reading the whole story in one book, and its just the saddest heart wrenching book that I have ever come cross, I look at my little girl and just think how could a Mother be so evil to her baby boy, there are some very nasty people in this world of ours, and sometimes I wish that they just were not here.

On a better note..... We are finally getting some well deserved rain, mind you, we are getting thunder and lighting with it, which mean fires, which means there is a chance that my husband wont be home till late, we are getting a fair bit of rain so I hope that will keep the fires at bay
So while everything is cooling off, I might go and create... I have a bracelet and earring set for sale, 10.00 off the original price

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