Friday, December 8, 2006

Christmas Party

OMG, I have never been to a childcare christmas party, and I dont think that I will be going to other one in the future years to come, I sent Jada to playgroup in her new pants that I so proudly made for her, only because they have looked after her and her clothes so well......BUT it was a hole different ball court today, Jada was cover in chocolate cake and that was only the top half and before the party started, the bottom half was dirt and grass stains.... I give up, I poured my heart into making these little precious pants for my baby girl, i know that it would take a professional 5 minutes to make them..... Oh I was just so upset, and now I feel a little better cause i hae wrote it down.... In the end Jada had fun, and I suppose thats all that matters.

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